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News & Information
February 5th, 2015   Summercamp 2015
December 14th, 2014   Seminar Pat O'Malley
March 23rd, 2014   Seminar Israel
GM Datu Dieter hold a seminar in Israel at the end of february. Please find the article here. more
March 23rd, 2014   Seminar Dagooc
GM Rodel Dagooc 9th DAN was the third time in Germany to teach on a seminar. You can find the article here. more
March 23rd, 2014   Seminar Pat O'Malley
Nov 15th, 2013   Typhoon help Philippines
Dec 29th, 2012   Summercamp 2013
September 11th, 2012   6th FMA Festival
Every two years the FMA festival is hosted in the Philippines. This year from 22nd to 29th of July. For this 6th festival the organizers chosed a resort within the mountains of Negros Occidental, the Mambukal Mountain Resort close to Bacolod City. more
March 8th, 2012   Donation GM Tony Diego
October 21st, 2011   Best o.t. West Camp
October 21st, 2011   6th FMA Festival
January 29th, 2011   Reunion Camp
January 27th, 2011   25 years of DAV
January 8th, 2011   Summercamp 2011
August 26th, 2010   Honoring filipino GMs
During the Gala night of the 5th FMA Festival, July 30th, 2010 in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines, several Grandmasters were acknowledged with new degrees. more
August 26th, 2010   2 new Senior Masters
At July 30th, 2010 DAV Masters Hans Karrer and Jørgen Gydesen received Lakan Pito, 7th Dan Modern Arnis, so now they are Senior Masters. more
June 6th, 2010   25 years anniversary
UPDATE September 5th, 2010! The DAV has been founded at October 12th, 1985. So this year we will celebrate our 25 years anniversary. We have the please to invite you to our party at October 30th, 2010 in Dortmund/Germany. more
June 6th, 2010   GM Datu Kelly Worden
For the first time in Europe! Grandmaster Datu Kelly Worden (USA) will come to Germany and give a seminar at October 30th and 31st, 2010 in Dortmund/Germany. more
June 6th, 2010   New english pages
Since today many of the old english pages have been taken over and are available now. All the rest will follow step by step soon.
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