Deutscher Arnis Verband e.V.

Invitation to  the
17th International DAV Summercamp
Sportschule Schöneck in Karlsruhe


Monday, 7th of August to Sunday, 13th of August 2023


Since 1989 the DAV hosts his summercamp every two years. During the last 10 years we had always around 180 to 190 participants from many nations (2007: 12 nations, 2017: 11 nations). It is a main event for Modern Arnis practitioners all over the world.

This year it is again situated in Karlsruhe, the door to the famous black forest, about a good hour drive away from the international airports of Frankfurt and Stuttgart, also connected with direct trains from there. So it is very easy to get there.

Come to the DAV summercamp 2023 and be a part of the ever growing Modern Arnis family in Europe and worldwide. You will have the time of your life and meet many new friends. If you need assistance or an invitation to get a visa, please contact:


  • Grandmaster Brian Zawilinski, 10th Dan
  • BT Grandmaster Datu Dieter Knüttel, 10th Dan
  • Grandmaster Hans Karrer, 8th Dan
  • Grandmaster Jørgen Gydesen, 8th Dan
  • Master Carsten Hemmersbach, 6th Dan
  • Master Peter Rutkowski, 6th Dan
  • Master Ingo Hutschenreuter, 6th Dan
  • Master Sven Barchfeld, 6th Dan
  • Senior Guro Benedikt Eska, 6th Dan
  • Senior Guro André Dawson, 5th Dan
  • Senior Guro Philipp Wolf, 5th Dan
  • Senior Guro Carola Maucher, 5th Dan
  • Senior Guro Simone Koch, 5th Dan
  • and other Co-Trainer


As accommodation, besides the normal rooms (most of them for 2 people with private bath) there are 24 beds in the so called „youth house“ available. These are 6 and 4 bed rooms with common washing and showering facilities, that we can offer at a cheaper rate.

The booking of those rooms must be specially declared on the registration form.

We distribute them according to the principle “first come first serve”.

If the “youth house” is full, we book the beds automatically to the normal rooms with the normal price. If you do not wish that, please tell us on the registration form.The food is the same with the different accommodations.

For accomodation, three meals a day and training, the price is as follows:


Members DAV / WFMA

Non members

Main House

   registration until 01.04.2023

   registration until 01.05.2023

   registration after 01.05.2023


540 € / 550 US$*

590 € / 600 US$*

640 € / 650 US$*


590 € / 600 US$*

640 € / 650 US$*

690 € / 700 US$*

Youth House

   registration until 01.04.2023

   registration until 01.05.2023

   registration after 01.05.2023


450 € / 460 US$*

500 € / 510 US$*

550 € / 560 US$*


500 € / 510 US$*

550 € / 560 US$*

600 € / 610 US$*


* fee in US$ only for estimation, the payment has to be done in euro. please consider the exchange rate at the day of your transfer.


A downpayment of 100 € (US$ 100 US$) has to be send to the DAV account latest to the respective date mentioned in the table above:

If you send the money through a bank, please use the following:

Deutscher Arnis Verband e.V.
IBAN: DE90 8707 0024 0874 1233 01

The rest of the payment has to be paid in cash (Euro only) on the first day at the summercamp during registration.

* Approximate prices (October, 29th 2022). The amount is depending on the exchange rate Euro () to US Dollar ($) when you send the money. The exact amount will be calculated when you do the final payment on the first day of the  summercamp according to the current exchange rate. The prices in Euro are decisive. So the best alternative will be to send the fee in Euro.

Conditions of cancellation

The cancellation fee is depending on the date of cancellation (email is sufficient, please send it to or

Please submit all necessary bank details for the transfer back.

Cancellation before April, 1st will be without fee. Costs, if you cancel after the

1st of April:        25 % of the down payment: 25 Euro or equivalent in US$
15th of May:      50 % of the down payment: 50 Euro or equivalent in US$
15th of April:    75 % of the down payment: 75 Euro or equivalent in US$
15th of July:     100 % of the down payment: 100 Euro or equivalent in US$

The clearing of the cancellation will happen latest 5 weeks after the camp.


The registration is only valid if it is done by the attached registration form OR online, see link at the top.

Simple e-mails or telephone calls will NOT register you to the camp! The registration is only valid if the down payment has arrived on the DAV account by that date.

The camp is limited to 150 participants!

Participants are booked in the order of their registration!

Important: the abuse of drugs or alcohol results in the immediate exclusion from the camp. The organizers exclude any liability.

In time before the camp, every participant will get the detailed information about the camp with the training plan, a map how to get there etc. Shortly after the end of the registration, you can find information about the status (if there are still free places or if there is a waiting list) on the DAV website We do not send out any confirmation for the registration!


There will be four to eight hours training per day. Each trainer will give lessons on his favourite topics as well as in the DAV program. The lessons will be held in up to seven  groups in parallel, which allows small training groups.


There will be the chance to test all students and black belt levels according to the DAV program (on Tuesday; for students levels there will be a second examination on Saturday).

Leisure time

Additional to the training we will offer leisure activities like socializing in the evening, video and theory sessions and so on. On the camp site there is beside the normal facilities also a swimming pool that we can use for free.

Monday morning is reserved for the travelling to the camp. The summercamp starts on Monday after lunch. It finishes on Sunday after the breakfast. If you arrive on Sunday already we will try, to make it possible for you, that you can stay from Sunday to Monday on the campsite already (for an additional fee, though. Only possible, if the school has enough capacity left).

Corona notice

It is not possible to forecast the development of the corona situation for many months. Therefore we will plan the procedures for the summercamp similar like we did it the last years. In case there will be still restrictions in August 2023 we will include them in our planning and we will inform you accordingly. This will be possible only on short notice and spontaneously. We will always follow the active regulations and laws.


Sportschule Schöneck            

Sepp-Herberger-Weg 2          

D-76227 Karlsruhe

Phone +49 (0721)  40 904 0


Main station Karlsruhe or station Durlach – take a taxi to the training center or with the tram route 1 to the endstation Durlach-Turmberg –walk (15 Min.) or with the Turmbergbahn (daily 10am to 8 pm) to the “Sportschule Schöneck”.


Highway exit Karlsruhe-Durlach, keep right and then direction Bretten / Bruchsal / Pforzheim. Approx 2km later exit right in direction Durlach. At the village entrance turn left at the traffic lights to “Sportschule Schöneck”.