During the Modern Arnis Remy Presas Memorial Camp there was a meeting of Masters and group leaders to discuss the possibility of an organization that should act like an umbrella organization for Modern Arnis Associations all over the world.

After the death of Professor Remy Presas different Modern Arnis groups and organisations were founded by different people and all tend to continue to drift apart. But the Professor was a man who brought different people from different groups together. He stood for embracing, not for separating people. This was the point where we said that we want to stop the drifting apart. We want to show the Modern Arnis world, the FMA world and the martial arts world that this does not have to be that way.

founding convention
The launch of this organization and the announcement of the mission statement have been at the 21st of July to all of the participants at the Gala Night of the 3rd FMA World Festival at the Heritage Hotel in Manila. Here is the original mission statement:

Bounded by the principles of honor, autonomy, equality, respect, and recognition for others regardless of political inclination, cultural differences and religious beliefs; We bind ourselves together for the purpose of preserving and promoting the legacy of Modern Arnis;
We hereby establish a family of Modern Arnis practitioners to give meaning and reality to the art;
We are committed to accomplish this purpose through cooperation, exchange of ideas and knowledge, promotion of solidarity and brotherly love.
Through these, we shall continue and strenghten the legacy of Modern Arnis.

The biggest and most important task is the fact, that all organizations shall stay autonomous.

The base of the discussion was on the one side that we all come from the same source, Professor Remy Presas. But if one thing was typical for his Modern Arnis through all the years that he taught Modern Arnis it was constant changing and evolving. That means, that depending when you learned with the Professor, your Modern Arnis could be much different from the Modern Arnis of other groups, who learned from the Professor some years earlier or later.

This has to be taken into consideration if different groups decide to work together. There is no better or worse Modern Arnis. The 'new' Modern Arnis of the late 90s is not better than the 'old' Modern Arnis from the late 60s and the 'old' is not better and not 'more original' or more valuable than the 'new'.

Grandmaster Rene Tongson formulated the mission/vision statement:

The inception of WFMA was made possible during the 1st Professor Remy A. Presas Memorial Modern Arnis Camp and 3rd Filipino Martial Arts World festival (FMA) in July 11-21, 2006 at the Tagaytay International Convention Center in Cavite, Philippines.
For its initial recognition, the WFMA was formally launched at the Gala & LapuLapu Awards Night and closing ceremony of the 3rd FMA World Festival at the Heritage Hotel Manila on 21st July 2006.
The Gala Night was attended by Philippine Government officials (Philippine Tourism Authority, Philippine Sports Commission, Provincial Government of Cavite, Municipality of Amadeo), delegates from USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Austria, Israel, HongKong and host Philippines, and federation representatives from Modern Arnis Balintawak, Dikiti Tersia, Kalis Ilustrisimo, Bakbakan, Doce Pares, Lema-Lsai, Tipunan, Pigssai, Doblete Rapillon, Kuntaw, Wedo, Modified Tapado, Naraphil-Maharlika, FFAI, MATCOP and Philippine media networks.

As a family bounded by unity, understanding and cooperation, the WFMA is also a venue for technical exchange, research, propagation & network for information, material & equipment sourcing that may provide assistance for economic growth for its members;
An interim secretariat is established in the homeland to provide the necessary coordination, information dissimilation, marketing support for seminars, camps and other activities of members, hosting of guests and visitors who pursue lessons and tour of the Philippines, and may act as representative of members in sourcing, procurement and quality inspection of goods & services procured;
Primary however, is the continuity of the teachings of Professor Remy A. Presas by establishing a universal standard of understanding and recognition of every organization as member of the 'Modern Arnis Family';
The Legacy must continue …

The WFMA consists of the following organisations (September 2006):

Founding members:

Organisation Country Contact
IMAFP - International Modern Arnis Federation Philippines R. Tongson, B. Dulay, G. Relos
IMAFP - International Modern Arnis Federation Switzerland Edessa Ramos
DAV - Deutscher Arnis Verband e.V. Germany D. Knüttel, S. Barchfeld, P. Wolf
CSSD/SC - Common Sense Self Defense/Street Combat USA Bram Frank
MA-80 - Modern Arnis 80 USA Dan Anderson
RAF - Regional Arnis Federation Russia Alexander Pisarkin
IMAF Inc. USA Brian Zawilinski


Organisation Country Contact
AI - Arnis International Philippines Rodel Dagooc
Arnis Cruzada Philippines Jerry dela Cruz

Already now, through the present organizations, the family has groups in more than 15 countries.

On the WFMA website [http://www.wfma.info] you will find more information about itself and its member organisations, including contact data.

Membership is only possible for organisations which train the Modern Arnis of Prof. Remy Presas (individual membership for persons is not possible):

For an organization who wish to be admitted to the Family, may submit a self accomplished information form together with a letter of intent to the interim Secretariat:

Room 301 David Building 1, No. 567 Shaw Blvd.,
Mandaluyong City, 1550 Philippines
Email: worldbro_modernarnis@yahoo.com.ph
Website: http://www.wfma.info

For individuals who wish to be part of the Family, may seek membership to a WFMA member organization. WFMA does not promote individual membership;
Membership to the WFMA is exclusive to any and all Modern Arnis practicing organizations who submits to the Legacy of Professor Remy A. Presas, and promotes the same as its major system and / or as integrated to its curriculum;
As a collegial body, all admission for membership must have the majority approval of member organizations. A member organization can sponsor or endorse the admission of an applicant to the WFMA.