Modern Arnis is organized in the Deutschen Arnis Verband e.V. (DAV) (German Arnis Association). The DAV is one of the largest Associations for Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) in Europe.

Already in 1979, Arnis was trained in Germany, at that time it was the Combat Arnis of Jackson Cui Brocka, a student of the Presas brothers when he still was in Manila. After Brockas death in 1984, it was Dieter Knüttel, one of the first Arnisadores in Germany and today the chief instructor of the DAV, to use his contact to GM Ernesto Presas from his trip to the Philippines in 1983, to invited him to Germany.

The change from Combat to Modern Arnis was rather easy, because Combat Arnis was like a sub-system of Modern Arnis. The DAV was founded at the 12. of october 1985 ad the german sports academy in Cologne. The aim of the DAV was and is, to spread Arnis in Germany and Europe.

BT Datu Dieter Knüttel
GM Prof. Remy Presas
In January 1994, the DAV was able to get the support of Grandmaster Remy Presas, who was the founder of Modern Arnis. Up to his unfortunate passing, GM Remy conducted Modern Arnis seminars of the DAV on a regular basis, so that the members of the DAV could study Modern Arnis directly at the source.

The technical input, that the DAV received through GM Remy Presas enriched and completed the Modern Arnis of the DAV immensely.

The DAV has close contacts to different Modern Arnis organizations in the Philippines, to guarantee a continuous growth of Modern Arnis in Germany and Europe, even after the death of GM Remy Presas. High ranked Masters from the Philippines are invited regularly to teach Modern Arnis during DAV seminars in Germany.

Senior Master
Roland Dantes, 8th Dan

Senior Master
Samuel Dulay, 7th Dan

Senior Master
Cristino Vasquez, 9th Dan

Senior Master
Rene Tongson, 8th Dan

DAV instructors are invited to seminars in other countries on a regular basis, to teach Modern Arnis there and help the development and spreading of the art in these countries. Through the teaching of DAV instructors, Modern Arnis established groups in the following countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria. Switzerland, France, Hungary, Russia and Czech Republic.

Hans Karrer
in Mosonmagyarovar / Hungary

Datu Dieter Knüttel
in Ekaterinburg / Russia

Sven Barchfeld
in Prague / Czech Republic

The DAV has Modern Arnis groups all over Germany, and supports new groups when they are founded. We offer regular regional and federal seminars, where the fine tuning of the techniques are trained as well as the grading program and special techniques of the different instructors. Since 15 years offer special seminars only for black belts to further enhance their level. Also special trainer courses are offered, to teach the teaching as well as the techniques.

A special highlight of the DAV are the international Modern Arnis summercamp that the DAV organizes every 2 years since 1989. 100 - 200 Modern Arnis enthusiasts come together from all over germany and other countries, to train together for one week, have fun and make new friends.

Summercamp 2003
Insel Spiekeroog, 110 participants

Summercamp 2005
LSS Osterburg, 145 participants
In October 2005, the DAV celebrated its 20 year anniversary. For that seminar, GM Rene Tongson (8th Dan) came all the way from the Philippines, to teach the jubilee seminar. During the evening Gala, GM Tongson presented an certificate of appreciation from the International Modern Arnis Federation Philippines, (IMAFP), given in support for the untiring effort, to spread Modern Arnis in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

Datu D. Knüttel, S. Barchfeld, SM R. Tongson

Seminar during 20 year anniversary of DAV,
2005 in Dortmund, 120 participants

from IMAFP
Another important event happened in June 2006. During the 3rd FMA World Festival, many representatives from different Modern Arnis Organizations from all over the world met in Tagaytay/Philippines, to found the Worldwide brotherhood of Modern Arnis. The DAV was represented by Datu Dieter Knüttel and vice-president Philipp Wolf. This organization is an umbrella Association for Modern Arnis groups, that train and teach Professor Remy Presas' system. In July, 2007 the WBMA has been renamed to WFMA (Worldwide Family of Modern Arnis).

Modern Arnis
During the training we handle with potential dangerous weapons. This is, why the participants should have a minimum age of 16 years. In accordance with the relevant instructor, an earlier begin of the Modern Arnis training is possible. Some groups offer as an alternative, a special training for kids, in which children from the age of 8 - 10 years can begin with a special Modern Arnis training for kids under the guidance of experienced instructors.