March 23rd, 2014
GM Rodel Dagooc for the 3rd time in Germany!

After the summer-camp 2005 and a seminar in 2010, GM Rodel Dagoog, 9th Dan Modern Arnis, visited Germany and the DAV for the 3rd time.

After he gave a Modern Arnis demonstration at the famous Budo Gala in Paris Bercy, together with Laurent Hitter, 3rd Dan und Jeremy Ribouleau, 1st Dan, he taught a seminar in Paris on Sunday.

After that he came to Germany, first, to film a new instructional video/DVD together with Dieter Knüttel and ABANICO.

At the following weekend the DAV seminar in Dortmund took place. The seminar was organized by GM Datu Dieter Knüttel and the DAV. Over 130 Modern Arnis practitioners (50 black, 20 brown and 60 student levels) from Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark and France came to Dortmund to train with this legend of Modern Arnis. That made this seminar, besides the “25 years of DAV” and the “Best of the West camp” the most successful DAV Modern Arnis seminar ever. And also GM Rodel never had bigger seminar outside of the Philippines.

As a direct student of GM Remy Presas, GM Rodel has started Modern Arnis in 1968. So he has 46 years of Modern Arnis experience. GM Rodel taught a mixture of Modern Arnis and his DAS (Dagooc Arnis System) which is of course based on Modern Arnis. It includes extremely powerful and fast striking combinations, which are not fancy but realistic and fight orientated. He also showed 10 disarming techniques with combinations and some counter-techniques as well as his Tapi-Tapi, which consists out a lot of locks and lock combinations.

One of the highlights of the seminar was the announcement of the Modern Arnis Hall of Fame awards. GM Datu Dieter Knüttel was appointed by Michael Bates and GM Datu Kelly Worden as ambassador for the Modern Arnis Hall of Fame Foundation and he presented the announcements for the awards: GM Rodel Dagooc will receive the "Living legend award", Senior Master Hans Karrer, 7th Dan Modern Arnis will receive the "Leadership Award" and Senior Master Jorgen Gydesen, 7th Dan Modern Arnis will receive the "Lifetime Achievement Award". The awards will be presented at the 19 of June in the USA.

On day two GM Rodel split the groups into student levels and brown/black belts, to be able to teach them the content more appropriate to their skill level.

All together, it was again a great DAV seminar experience. Friendship and camaraderie between the participants and an open and friendly training atmosphere from the beginning. And, to train under a man like GM Rodel, who is, besides being an excellent martial artist, also a very nice person who was liked by everybody, is always an exceptional experience. Especially to see him move flawlessly only 5 months after a hip replacement operation! Amazing!

This weekend we were all part of the "Worldwide Family of Modern Arnis, WFMA" and that this seminar was a big success showed could be seen at the almost not ending applause for GM Rodel at the end of the seminar.

(C) Text: Datu Dieter Knüttel, 03/2014