May 7th, 2012

after the first money transfer there were 225 € more donated. This amount has been transferred to GM Tony Diego last week. The total amount now is 2.339 €. Thank you again to all, who donated!

GM Tony Diego (3rd from left) und Peachie Saguin (right aside) with the certificate, that he received the money:


Apr. 4th, 2012
Hello to all,

this is the result of the donation call for GM Tony Diego.

First of all THANK YOU to everybody who send a donation or gave something during a collection for the donation.

We have received 43 donations, some were the result of a collection.

So we are able to send to GM Tony Diego the total sum of 2.114 €.

This is about 119.000 Pesos or 2784 US $. This is a really good result.

Once again thank you to all, who made this donation possible.

Mar. 8th, 2012
To all FMA enthusiasts,

This is a call for support and a donate calling for all FMA friends for Grandmaster Tony Diego of Kalis Ilustrisimo.
We do not do this very often. But if we call for a donation, it has a very serious reason and it is urgent.

What has happened? (Message of the Kalis Ilustrisimo Headquarters)
On the morning of February 24, 2012 a fire raged through a small community in Manila. Many houses were razed to the ground leaving families homeless. We received sad news that the home of Master Tony Diego was among those houses that didn't survive the fire. Absolutely none of their possessions were saved except the clothes on their backs. Master Tony and family are alive and safe but in dire need of assistance. Since the fire, they have been given temporary shelter at the local community centre.

We would like to solicit the immediate help of our brothers and sisters in Kalis Ilustrisimo and other kind souls to send aid for Master Tony and his family. Since Master Tony has no home at the moment, donations in kind may pose a problem. Instead, cash donations would be preferred and much appreciated.

All parties who would like to make a donation are requested to send us a private message on our facebook page or email us at so that we can make arrangements to receive your donation.

Who is GM Tony Diego?
GM Tony Diego is one of the 4 successors of the GM Antonio Ilustrisimo, who was one of the most famous FMA fighters of the last century. GM Tony is well respected in the FMA world.

Why are we, the DAV, calling of a donation?
We met GM Tony at the 5th FMA Festival in Puerto Princesa and he was a very positive person, who treated us, coming from another stlye, very friendly.

Due to this experience and due to the fact, that GM Tony and the IMAFP are in a very friendly relationship we decided, that we take actions to support a GM of a friendly style to help him in an extreme situation.

We have some experience in collection donations for the Philippines, as we have done it several times for Masters and Grandmasters, who needed our help. This is why we appeal to you to donate for GM Tony.

How can you donate?
No matter if 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 US$ or €, just as you can. Either send a mail to and ask for directions there. If you can not send money there directly, you can send the money to the DAV account with the subject: 'GM Tony Diego donation' and we will forward the donation. We, the board of directors of the DAV guarantee, that 100 % of the donations that are send to us will be forwarded to GM Tony.

International account information:

      Account Name: DAV
      Bank: Postgiroamt Hannover
      IBAN: DE24 2501 0030 0605 8603 07
      Subject: GM Tony Diego donation

We will collect the donations and send the first draft at April 2nd 2012. If money reaches us later, we will of course also make sure, that it will be forwarded to GM Tony.

Thank you very much!

For the board of directors of the DAV

GM Datu Dieter Knüttel
Senior Guro Sven Barchfeld