August 26th, 2010
Two new Senior Masters in the DAV
Hans Karrer und Jørgen Gydesen received the 7th Dan Modern Arnis.

l.t.r.: SM Jørgen Gydesen (7th Dan), GM
Datu Dieter Knüttel (8th Dan), SM Hans Karrer (7th Dan)
During the Gala Night of the 5th FMA Festival in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines, DAV Masters Hans Karrer and Jørgen Gydesen received to their own surprise Lakan Pito, 7th Dan Modern Arnis. So now they are Senior Masters in Modern Arnis.

Since the seminar of GM Bambit Dulay autumn 2009 it was clear, that Hans and Jørgen would be able to attend the 5th FMA Festival in the Philippinees.

Already at that time I had talks with GM Dulay, if a ranking of Hans and Jørgen to Lakan Pito would be possible at the Gala night of the FMA5. Later, I also had a talk with GM Rene Tongson about it.

I send the curriculum vitae of Hans and Jørgen to the Philippines and told about their effort and merits for the spreading of Modern Arnis, so that the 'board of examiners' would know what the have done and achieved for the spreading of Modern Arnis in Germany and Europe over the years.

Soon it was obvious, that from the philippine side, there was no objection against the new rank for Hans and Jørgen, especially, for Hans trains Arnis since 1979 and Jørgen since 1983.

Hans and Jørgen have taught during the 5. FMA Festival, so that the masters in the Philippines could see them „live and in action“ as teachers. That, and I can say this clearly, made their level obvious. So the european appraisal of both has been confirmed by the philippine side.

I personally am very happy, that my friends and students Hans and Jørgen belong with their 7th Dan now to the group of the highest Modern Arnis Masters worldwide. And, and I think this even more important: This is, where they belong.

My sincerest congratulations as your friend, teacher, Grandmaster and DAV-Chief-instructor Congratulations as well from the board of directors and from all of the DAV to this more than deserved new rank of Lakan Pito, 7th Dan Modern Arnis.

(C) Text und Picture: Dieter Knüttel, 08/2010