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Modern Arnis seminar in Israel 2017

My third trip to Israel in March 2017 was a different one.

During the summer camp 2015, Baruch Shadmi from Haifa, Israel decided, to teach and introduce Modern Arnis in Israel, following the examination program of the DAV. He is practicing the FMA since many years and has attended many different DAV seminars and camps in Germany as well as my previous seminars in Israel. During the East meets West Camp he made his yellow belt and his student Yuli Gutmanas made his white belt.

So this time, it was the first time to visit our own group.

This group is still very small, so it was important that also other FMA practitiones from different styles would participate in my seminar. So besides students of Baruch there were participants from Combined Tactical Systems Israel, Lightning Scientific (from Jon Escudero), Kalis Ilustrisimo and from Karate.

But now, step by step.

After a smooth flight to Tel Aviv waiting at the the immigration, somebody tapped on my shoulder. It was my student Alexander Friedrichs from Munich, also member of the board of Directors of the DAV. That he would come along and support me doing the teaching was planned, which I think is great. But that we two, coming from Dortmund and Munich arriving almost exactly at the same time, was simply perfect.

Baruch met us at the airport and we drove to the home of Jon Escudero and Neta Scherminster, where I should stay the night. Noa Nakash, sister of Neta and who I know from many seminars and camps in Grermany, Philippines and Israel, joined us and we went to an arabic restaurant in Jaffa.

There, more than 20 plates with different salates were placed on the table immediately after we sat down. 

The picture shows the salads for for Jon, Neta and myself. The table with Alex, Baruch, Noa and a student of Jon, got the same amount as well.

But if this was not enough, as soon as one of the plates was empty, it was instantly and without warning replaced by a new one. And everything was very tasty. 

But I was warned, for I had visited this restaurant already during my last trip to Israel. Because ..... after eating all these great salads, ..... they served the main dish. If you don't know that and eat all those salads till you are not hungry any more, you really are shocked when the main dish arrives.

Next morning we all met in the park of Tel Aviv where the seminars always take place. 

Perfect weather 24 degree celsius (about 80 degrees Fahrenheit) contributed to the perfect atmosphere in the shade under the trees.

The participants arrived and the seminar started at 9:30 (lasted till 14:30) 

The aim of the seminar was, to explain, what and how we do things in the DAV, where are key movements of the techniques and why we do things how we do them.

We started with the Sinawali, where I explained the striking technique in detail. After that, we trained the attacks number 1 and 2 and the counterstrike combinations against those attacks. After that, we trained the disarming number 1 of the the first disarming series as well as the armpit lock with a stick.

Always trying to optimize the bodymechanic, trying to obey principle of economy of motion and the correct biomechanics.

Many of the participants were surprised, how easy it was to apply the techniques and how little force was needed, if the techniques were applied correctly. Then we trained empty handed: the Modern Principle against stick attacks and punches, followed by a finger- and a wrist lock, which were not completely pain free. :-)


Finally we trained the modern principle knife to knife and and empty hands to knife, also, to show the similarities but also the differences between the stick and blade techniques.

At the end, Alex and I demonstrated the Tapi-Tapi and other applications to give the participants even more insight into the DAV program. Here again a big "Thanks" to Alex for his support.

According to Baruch and Noa, all participants all gave a very good feedback about the seminar, so that we can look forward to more Modern Arnis seminars in Israel in the future.

In the afternoon, Baruch and Yuli took me to the north of Israel, to Haifa. At night, I was amazed by the phantastic view over the bay of Haifa and the gardens of the Bahai before we had another great dinner.



Saturday I did a lot of private training with Baruch and Yuli, to teach more concepts and principles of the DAV, so that especially Baruch got more background knowledge, to teach DAV Modern Arnis to his group. 

After several more israeli specialities, like Knafeh,  cheese with very thin, sweet noodles, I returned to Germany on sunday.

I had a great time so big thanks to Baruch and Yuli for the invitation and for organizing the seminar as well as to Noa, Neta and Jon for the support as well as to an Dodi from Combined Tactical Systems Israel, that he came and brought his students to participate.

I am looking forward to see Baruch and Yuli and maybe Noa too on the DAV summercamp in Karlsruhe and the others during my next seminar in Israel.


Pictures and text: Dieter Knüttel

Seminar pictures: Noa Nakash